Dedicated to Customer Service, Reliability and Trust for Commercial Sweeping Services

The foundation of the DSS philosophy lies in our dedication to customer service for our commercial sweeping services as well as other service offerings. Our track record for quality and reliability has engendered a trust among our customers that is unmatched among local commercial sweeping providers.

Many companies claim dependable service, but DSS delivers on our promise to our customers. To prove our commitment, DSS makes these assurances to our customers:

  • We maintain a full range of equipment to avoid delays due to equipment breakdowns.
  • We employ a staff of uniformed professionals who pride themselves on accountability.
  • We inspect our work to ensure we perform to our customer’s expectations.
  • We honor your schedules. With no excuses.
  • We comply with all established safety standards while ensuring high quality.
  • We use a complete routing and billing software system customized specifically for DSS.
  • We only bill for services performed.
  • Our invoices are accurate and easy to read to avoid confusion and unnecessary follow up calls.