Providing Valuable Service to Municipalities as Well as the Eco-System

Street Sweeping provides two primary benefits to a city. The more obvious benefit is the collection and removal of gravel, leaves, and other visible debris that collect in the gutters. This debris can block storm water facilities causing localized flooding during heavy rains.

An equally important, but less visible benefit is the removal of metal particles and other hazardous waste products left by passing vehicles. Although they are virtually invisible, these particles can be extremely harmful to fish and other wildlife if they reach our creeks and rivers.

Street sweeping is an effective method of removing both the large and microscopic pollutants that collect on city streets. This sweeping also serves as one of our Best Management Practices (BMP) to control and improve water quality. Motorized sweeping removes an average of 220,000 lbs. of debris from the street before it goes into the storm drains.

For more information on how to protect your environment, visit the ODOT Storm Water Management Program.