Helping Rebuild Vital Infrastructure

DSS Sweeping Service, Inc. is a specialist in providing an often overlooked service. It is an essential component in the complex procedure of rebuilding millions of miles of America’s vital infrastructure; milling sweeping!

Milling old asphalt and recycling it into new roadway surfaces has taken a quantum leap in the past decade and nowhere is this more important than in assuring that all remnants of the millings are swept away just prior to the installation of the tack coat and the new hot mix asphalt (HMA).

If this sweeping step is omitted, perhaps in the guise of economy or expediency, the remains quickly deposit back into the newly milled grooves. The fine debris melds in, lowers the coefficient of friction and prevents a complete bonding between the fresh base, the tack coat and the new hot mix asphalt. Without that proper bonding, the newly laid asphalt has no opportunity of achieving its maximum predicted longevity.

The specification of every state department of transportation in the United States requires the mechanical sweeping of every foot of roadway that has been milled prior to being resurfaced with hot mix asphalt. Milling old asphalt provides a better base for installing a longer lasting street, road or highway surface and, in recycling it, helps conserve the nation’s vital natural resources.